Better Tinderbox support in DT 2.0.7 ... where is it?

I got an email saying that DT 2.0.7 has improved support for Tinderbox. What is it, specifically? I imported a tinderbox file and DT just shows me the standard “Tinderbox document” image, signifying that it knows what kind of document but doesn’t know how to do anything with it. Can any Tinderbox users weigh in on the new support?

I have DTPO 2.0.7 and the demo version of TB 5.7.1

The only thing that changed was that DT’s “open with” command in 2.0.6 did not always recognize that a Tinderbox file was a Tinderbox file. (I know, because I filed a DT bug report on this.) This wasn’t broken because of DT, but because the 5.7.1 release of Tinderbox did something to confuse its file associations.

See the 2.0.7 release notes: “Fixed: Workaround added for Tinderbox files.”