Better Twitter Share Options

In relation to my previous post, I often share articles to Twitter.

My first suggestion would be to allow a choice of URL shorteners so that URLs can be shortened automatically.

Secondly, other apps automatically grab the headline (or, at the very least, the title tag) and prepend it to the URL. That’d be nice, too, as I currently cut and paste the title by hand.

Finally, and probably most importantly, there’s a bug. If you share an article and then delete (or change) the pre-populated URL, the remaining character count is wrong.

For example, I just tried to share this URL as a test: DEVONthink showed me that there were 99 characters left. When I deleted the URL, it showed there being 119 characters left.

It looks like it’s counting the pre-populated URL’s character count twice and then when you delete the URL, it’s subtracting the proper number of characters leaving you with an incorrect count. And because you’re prevented from sending a tweet if the count’s in the red, this leaves you with deficit of allowed characters. I noticed this when I started trying to use a Services script to shorten URLs by hand.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the suggestions! However, right now DEVONthink uses the sharing services provided by Mac OS X & third parties. Currently there are no plans to add our own Twitter sharing.