"Better" use for word frequencies


I came across Zipfer for OS X. It looks like a neat app and similar functionality for DT would be awesome (or we could use Zipfer in conjunction with it.).

From the dev’s website:
This software retrieves data from any text file, counts the words and creates a proper data file. From the resulting data file, Zipfer can calculate a number of statistics, such as a linear regression equation expressing the relationship between rank and frequency of each word. Additionally, Zipfer creates graphs, showing the zipf curve and errors estimated from the theoretical and actual frequencies. Zipfer also allows you to export the data for further exploration in more advanced tools such as Excel and SPSS. These files can also be opened by Zipfer again. It is also possible to export the graphs as JPEG pictures, for use in your papers and in websites.

In the past, a few have asked about semantic analysis in DT. This seems like it might be rather useful in that regard.

The reason I posted in this forum is to note that the technology exists and perhaps it might be something to consider for DTPro, if others find it useful as well.


Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll have a look at this although I don’t see a huge difference between the existing concordance and Zipfer.

The difference as I see it is that Zipfer allows one to analyze and manipulate the data. In DT, it is static and open only to visual inspection, rather than statistical analyses and export.

thanks again