Better way to drag and drop?

I’m used to spring loaded folders that auto-expand when you drag an item to them. I guess this doesn’t work in DV when I want to move an item from the global InBox to a folder within a database?

The only other way I can find is right-click and select from that menu.

Is that how most people file items from the Global InBox to a folder in a database?

Spring-loaded groups (or something like them) work in List, Split, and Three Panes views. Not sure why not in Icons and Columns views. They might not make sense in Tags view but my experience there is limited so I could be wrong.

It generally depends on where the destination group is. I tend to use b To[/b] from the Actions menu relatively often, like Right-Click but more reliable with my Mighty Mouse.

The Groups & Tags panel (Tools > Show Groups & Tags (Control-Command-G) can be a convenient drop target; Bill DeVille has frequently mentioned/suggested using it.

…also groups that are used frequently can be added to the sidebar as “favorites” (contextual menu - Add to Favorites)

…also also, drag to an item in “open databases” will put the document into that database’s inbox

Thanks for mentioning those other methods, korm.

You betcha :wink:

And, forgot the Sorter - can drag from global inbox into Sorter – works like Favorites.

Spring-loaded groups (or something like them) work in List, Split, and Three Panes views.

Actually, they don’t. I drag an item from the global InBox over to and on top of one of my Open Databases, but the Database does NOT expand to show my folders in the middle panel; so there’s no way to move the item.

HOWEVER, spring loaded folders that auto-expand DO work in the Groups & Tags panel.

Wow, this panel is AMAZING! All the folders ARE spring loaded to open AND collapse!!! TOTALLY AWESOME.

So Control-Command-G opens up the Groups & Tags panel. OK. But what about putting an icon for that on the toolbar? The customize toolbar feature shows so many different icons. Is there one for bringing up the Groups & Tags panel?

No. But it’s automatically opened on startup if it was visible on quit. And it’s also accessible via the Dock menu (e.g. while you’re working in other applications).

Actually, they do… for groups within those views I mentioned, based on my testing before posting. But databases listed under OPEN DATABASES in the sidebar aren’t spring-loaded drop targets, if that’s what you meant.

OK, now I get it: the middle panel of folders and subfolders WITHIN a particular database DO work for spring-loading (expanding and collapsing).

Whereas, the databases listed in the left panel don’t work for this. When you drag an item to them, the middle panel doesn’t automatically switch to the (new) database’s folders and contents.

Correct; DT sidebar objects don’t mimic a Finder sidebar-like behavior.