Beware: Bookmarks and (full-text) search

When you use bookmarks to capture web content, be aware that search doesn’t work as you might expect: Search will find hits in the title, but not in the body of the webpage!

This make sense when you think about the mechanism: Bookmarks store just the link to the page, not the page itself and DEVONthink makes here available for the search only what it stores… So to be on the safe side it’s better to use webarchives or PDFs.

You’re right. With bookmarks there is “no there, there” until you click on the bookmark. Search cannot search nothing and find anything.

Well, it is not nothing:

I assume DEVONthink uses a stored index of the words for its search, not the original documents.

At time of bookmark creation DEVONthink displays the webpage and itcould index the text at that time storing the word counts of the webpage for the search…

But I’m fully ok with that DEVONthink doesn’t do so: webarchives to the rescue!

That’s not true. The page is only displayed when a User selects it and is using a view that shows a preview or WebKit view.

A bookmark is used for pages you revisit, meaning the page changes. Word counts could change every time you visited the page. So it’d be a moving target.

Good point! Wasn’t aware of this.