Beware the SSD in entry-level M2 devices

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Anybody thinking about getting a new, entry level M2 device (Pro or Air) may want to take a look at the SSD speeds. Whilst I cannot comment on whether or not the reduced speeds in those models will be noticable when using DT, in general my personal past experience is that when dealing with large files the SSD speed is the bottleneck.

There is an article at The Verge with more details.

I have an M2 Air on order. I ordered the 24gb of ram, but I’ll report back here once I get it if I’m seeing any speed issues. Can probably run some of my own quick benchmarks and compare with the 2019 MBP I’m on now—thanks for posting.

EDIT: Read too fast, it’s early, no coffee. I got the 1tb flavor of SSD, so maybe I won’t have that bottleneck. Thanks for posting regardless.

Correct; my post applies to the entry-level devices with 256 GB SSD (1 NAND chip) only. Models with larger SSDs use 2 (or more?) NAND chips and therefore parallel access.

Just like RAM which is another major bottleneck of the entry-level M2.

Unless you have actual performance statistics, this seems like pointless speculation.


Other than the speeds mentioned in the linked article, I have none. On the other hand, I wasn’t speculating. I was suggesting to potential buyers that it might be worth looking into the issue, a comment which I stand by.