beyond confused trying to get started

I’m going to be changing careers, and DevonThink Personal seemed like an excellent tool to store my initial research.

I’m going to be browsing online job sites and saving various job descriptions, and also saving a lot of online advice on re-writing my CV, and adding my own notes about potential contacts, etc.

I already own DevonThink Personal, DevonNote, and DevonAgent, from various bundles.

I’ve been messing with DT for 30 minutes and can’t get anywhere. I used the scripts that showed up in Safari to Add Page to DT and nothing happened. Supposedly DT has a built-in browser—I can’t figure out how to access it. I have looked in Help. I looked at the online tutorials. In fact, I’m not even sure this is the right forum to post in, but since Job Search is a pretty defined usage scenario, I went for it.

Can someone help me out? Links? etc? Normally I’m pretty competent with software and willing to mess around, but DT has me totally stumped.


If you haven’t already you might review the introductory videos at … es_js.html

Also, DevonAgent acts as the built-in browser. You should be able to add it to you DT menu bar so that you can launch the browser by clicking on the icon.

You can save searches within DevonAgent and save information to DT Personal from DevonAgent using “add to DevonThink” from the action menu (icon that looks like a gear).

Using Safari menu and add rich text or plain text note should place the highlighted copy from webpage into the Inbox of your open DT database (I don’t use DT Personal, but assume it has an inbox. If not, the services menu action likely places the note under the folder icons in the database.

Hope this helps somewhat. Many others will likely weigh in.

Thanks very much.

Help is very clear that there is a built-in browser that isn’t DevonAgent, but I won’t worry about it, either DA or the Services menu will get the job done.

I don’t suppose there’s any way to send stuff directly to an existing group in DT, is there?

I believe DT uses the Safari engine to display stored web pages or to access url links on pages stored in DT. As far as I know, you have to use either DevonAgent or your browser of choice to initiate searches without a page first being stored in the database.

In DTPO you have a command called “new in template with web browser” which creates an html page that allows you to use DTPO as a browser; I don’t believe it’s available in DT Personal.

If that feature is not available in DT Personal, I imagine you can get around it by importing the google url/page and using that page for search purposes.

No doubt someone will correct me if I am wrong about this.

Several, actually. If it’s a group you use often, you can drag it to the Sorter, and then just drag stuff to the Sorter box.

The way I do it predates the sorter, and is especially handy for groups you don’t visit often enough to dedicate Sorter space.

With the appropriate database open in DT, get whatever you want into the Clipboard by whatever means you like. Copy a link, select and copy text, whatever. Then right-click on the DT Dock icon, and select the New with Clipboard item. You’ll get a secondary menu with all the groups for the open database(s).


Katherine, thanks much. New With Clipboard a very helpful trick. What’s the Sorter? (Help search turns up nothing)

JRPars, thanks. Yes, that seems to be how the “browser” works. Very confusing, but I’ve got it now.

The Sorter isn’t available in DT Personal.

As Katherine noted, the Data > New > With Clipboard command — keyboard shortcut is Command-N — can be used to create a new document in your database that contains the clipboard contents.

My main database has a Bookmarks group that holds bookmarks (URL data) to many of the Web sites that I frequently visit. Example: In Safari, I find a Web site that holds useful information, such as the site of a governmental agency or a journal. I can select the URL to that site and press Command-C to capture the URL to the clipboard. Now, in DEVONthink, I press Command-N. A new bookmark document is created in my database. When I select that bookmark document it is opened in DEVONthink’s built-in browser.