Bidirectional file sync - guidance requested

This is my current workflow for medical school:

  1. Download PPT and convert to PDF with the ‘Print to PDF’ function in OS X

  2. OCR the PDF with ABBYY Finereader Express

  3. Organize OCRed PDFs in Dropbox

  4. Take notes

  5. Update indexed Dropbox folder

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as necessary

The reason I am using ABBYY Finereader Express in the second step instead of the ABBYY OCR built in to DTPro is I have yet to find a way to OCR the actual file in the Dropbox file structure, rather than just the copy that is in my DTPro database. I need to be able to search through these files when I’m away from DTPro.

Ideally, I could organize the PDF files in the Dropbox folder, update the indexed folder in DTPro, OCR the new PDF files, and then have the original PDF as well as the DTPro database copy both be OCRed. Any ideas?

Depending on the original document and the application used to “Print to PDF”, OCR might actually not be necessary. E.g. you could import a printed PDF, convert it to rich text via Data > Convert and check whether all contents are converted as expected.

The PPTs have a lot of images in them, that I need to be searchable, so I’m not sure that is an option.

Seem’s not the best way for me. Medical statements or copyrighted material inside? Dropbox?

Privacy? State-of-the-Art-sync?

DTP should/could have served better on syncing and protecting its users stuff.


Syncing with DTP (Mac2Mac) currently is like riding a dead Horse… And Devon is telling us, that their dead Horse is the fastest dead Horse we’ve ever seen. :mrgreen:

I have just posted something to the blog that elaborates about the current state of the sync. I have posted it to the blog so that not only you as forum users can read it, but everyone following us.

To keep the dead Horse trustworthy, you are feeding it a bit…

After reading the informations, I do “exactly” know why it is so dead.

But: still no living horse in sight!

Again only an announcement that the dead horse is named “Lazarus” and is believed to stand up someday (but not saying when this day will come…)