Big problems with Devon Pro Office 2.0

I loved Devon Pro Office Version 1.0, but am having lots of problems since I downloaded Version 2.0 (currently using 2.0 pb7 with Snow Leopard). Even though I properly close Devon Pro Version 2.0, when I re-start it, it keeps telling me: “the database you are attempting to use is either in use by another instance of Devon Think Pro Office or has not been closed properly.” After I press “continue” to open the database, which was previously closed, the program runs very, very slowly with the beach ball symbol frequently showing. Sometimes the program just crashes entirely.

I have verified, repaired, rebuilt, and restored the database several times with no improvement. I have also completely uninstalled the program using instructions on this forum, but have encountered this problem again after reinstalling the program. My database seems to have gotten much larger since I upgraded to version 2.0. My version 1.0 database was 1.36 Gb, which grew to that size over years of use. While my Version 2 database of that data grew to 2.84 GB in the last month of use. Is it too big? Is there a limit on the size of the database? Why did it grow in size so much? I sure hope I won’t be losing all my data I have accumulated in the one month since I “upgraded” to 2.0 and have been trying to get it to work as well as 1.0

Please help me fix this problem. Devon Pro is an important program to me, but for some reason Version 2.0 is not working smoothly for me while 1.0 worked just fine.

Actualy the size doesn’t matter, the number of items (up to 200.000 recommended) and number of words (up to 300.000.000 recommended) in all concurrently opened databases is more important (assuming the computer has 4 GB of RAM).

Could you send the logs (see folder ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter) to our support address? Thanks!

Version 2 stores each file on its own. That requires more space of course.

Interesting. Is there a way to check the status of where we stand with open DBs vis-a-vis these ceilings? I assume “item” is document or record. What is a “word” in this sense?

See the document totals and total number of words for each database in File > Database Properties.

Don’t expect to get quick responsiveness in continued access if your computer has only 1 GB RAM and you are approaching the upper limits recommended by Christian.

With 4 GB RAM, I’ve always got DT Pro Office 2 running, but I typically hold the total words in my open databases below 50 million, in order to avoid accumulating Virtual Memory swap files. As I often note, I’m spoiled. I want most of my database searches to take 50 milliseconds or less, and See Also suggestions to pop up instantly. I work my databases pretty hard. I’ve also usually got several other applications open as well. So I use topically designed databases and move them in and out of use like information Leggo blocks. The Sorter helps make that practical; you don’t need to have a database open in order to send new content to it. The Sorter can hold Inbox or group icons for a number of databases. If a database isn’t open at the time content is sent to it, it will be added next time that database is opened.

I’m fascinated by the specs of Apple’s new iMacs, introduced this week. Now a consumer-level computer can have quad core CPU and up to 16 GB RAM! (But I wouldn’t pay Apple’s prices for RAM.)

That old computing aphorism holds: “RAM is good; more RAM is better!”