Big Sur - Opening Database

After having upgraded to Big Sur - some of my databases are not opening. These are in the same directory as others that do open. Any clues ??

Seems like I need to copy the database to the MacHD to get working.

I’m not sure what you’re referring here. Where are the databases located?

I had been storing the databases on an external disc rather than on the local HD. On upgrading to Bir Sur the only databases that would open seemed to be on the HD. After I copied a database to the local disc from the external I was able to open it from that location. Guessing it may be some security issue with Big Sur ?? Not sure.

You could try this.
Select the mounted disk in the Finder and press Command-I to open the Info pane. Check Ignore ownership on this volume if available and unchecked.

Thank you Jim - this has worked.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: