Big with placing Item Link to Group

I seem to have a repeatable problem with placing a link to a Group into OmniFocus. It seems like the first time I do it it works, but then if I try to grab a second group and place a link to it, it has the correct text description for the second group, but the link still points to the first group. It seems like I can only get it to place a link to a new group by restarting DTPO.

Working OK here. Multiple links created from DT and pasted to OF, each going to a different group in the same DT database. Verify your database, rebuild it, and clear the cache. Does that help?

Must have been a fluke. I restarted OF and DTPO numerous times and it failed every time. I rebooted the system and its been fine ever since. Macs aren’t supposed to do that. :unamused: