Bill DeVille, 2005: "...when DT Pro version 2 comes along...

A little fun for us DT “old-timers” here. In order to assess some new strategies for my DT database I was just rereading some old DT forum postings I had clipped into DT from long ago. I found this gem from Bill DeVille in February of 2005:

Bill, still planning on splurging on that new G5? :smiley:

Ahhh… those were the days. I was still on my first modern Mac at that point, an iBook G4 1GHz. I remember drooling over the G5 Power Macs, and thinking that those two 2GHz G5 CPUs could probably do anything I ever wanted…

Man, is that a gotcha!

I did get a PowerMac G5 with dual 2.3 GHz CPU and 5 GB RAM.

But nowadays it feels like molasses compared to my Intel ModBook with 2.2 GHz Core 2 Dual CPU and 4 GB RAM. And the G5 power supply is blown right now.

Anyway, I’ve finally got those wonderful search features to play with in beta.

Now, that’s good news! I’m really counting on the “definitely in 2008” promise Christian made earlier. Back in Feb 2005 we thought 2.0 was just around the corner, yikes. The amazing thing is, that given 3.5 years, which in computer time is decades, DT 1.x still feels totally relevant, useful, and in many ways still unparalleled by all the competition that has come on the scene since then.

I second both notions,

  1. DTP as it stands is a relevant and useful piece of software. What it may lack in GUI polish it delivers in stability and speed and simply gets the job done.
  2. the aforementioned makes me want version 2 even more.

Great catch, frm.

And do ya’ll remember when Mr. DeVille was just a regular old schlub just like US?

Let’s hope it’s not another 3.5 years before we requote these words from Bill. :laughing:

It won’t take that long :wink:

BTW: Please remember that we spent the last two years not only on working on DEVONthink but also a new product that we have put on ice to fully concentrate on DEVONthink 2.0, as promised. Thence the long delay that sounds to unreasonable. We will release that product next year.

I was just remembering this mystery app the other day… still consumed by curiosity :smiley: