billed but no license number for Pro Bundle yet (36 hrs)

Does anyone know why I would already be billed but have not received word about my license for the Pro Bundle yet? Are the owners busy? The email from Share It (the payment company) said I would get word within 4 to 24 hours. I know I sound impatient, but I need to use the program: I have things to add to the database and more importantly things to get at IN the database.

Any ideas? Thanks.


If it is any comfort, sps, this has been my experienced as well. I have been billed yesterday morning but have received no code or license number. And, for some reason, I can’t even use DT Pro in demo mode. Either (a) we are both impatient or (b) something is wrong with the ordering system. Regarding (a) I am used to getting the license number immediately upon payment. Hmmmm. I am going to see if my credit card has been charged and issue a stop payment if I hear nothing within 36 hours—perhaps you so do likewise.

Sorry for the delay guys, yes we were busy… Eric or Christian who deal with the licences are still trying to get home.

The mess should be sorted out this weekend if all goes well. We apologise for the problems, Murphy always strikes when you have a big company gathering.

Again, sorry for the delay but it will be sorted out soon!

No worries, I have the license code now. Thanks for the follow-up.