Binders are not saved

to setup my paperless home I was looking for a tool which works on my mac. After some time I found devonthink. So I installed the trial version to find out if it works for me. At the moment I am looking at the scanning functionality.
I scanned some pages from my scanner and they appeared in the importer. To bring them together (to have one document with all scanned pages) I first selected all pages and created a binder out of them. After that I clicked on the save button (at the bottom right) but nothing happens. The binder stays in the importer and in the input folder is no new pdf.
Can anyone help me?
I use DT3 version 3.6.3.

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Maybe this post helps.

thank you very much for your help. I saw this article already. It’s interesting in general but I couldn’t find anything helpflul in this conversation regarding my problem.
But after I read your response I got the idea to create a new binder. I moved the document into it and saved the binder. And this time there came up a message at the bottom left and after some seconds the documents and the binder were gone. But I didn’t find any of the pages in devonthink - not in the inbox, or the trash or anywhere else.

I never used DEVONthink for scanning so no idea. Let‘s ask @BLUEFROG

What is and how do you create a “binder”?


Tx. Though I import scans in DT, I never scan directly from DT. That’s probably why I overlooked this possibility.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please include screen captures of a search for the scanned files. Thanks.