Black and white

For my documents (mostly PDF) I use the Mac preview and then I print it using the
option "Save PDF to DEVONthink pro.
Is there a way to get the PDFs etc… in black and white to DEVONthink?

In case of PDF documents you could use Preview’s command File > Export, choose the desired Quartz filter and save it to DEVONthink Pro’s inbox.

:unamused: YesBut if you have more than 100 pdf a day this is not practical.

Gruß Uli

I’m curious why you’re opening 100s of PDFs per day and printing them to DEVONthink instead of just importing them directly??

most of the pdfs are attachments in emails. So I use preview to see the content and print it to devonthing if nesseccary!
Please show me a workflow, which is faster… and the BW Question is not solved.


You can QuickLook an attachment in the email then drag and drop it directly from the email into DEVONthink, if desired.

The Quartz filter process described above is the only way I am aware of to do this. I’d look to Keyboard Maestro to automate the process if I needed to do this hundreds of times a day.