Black screen on DEVONthink to go 3 upgrade

iOS 14.4.2, iPhone XR, DEVONthink to go 2.7.9

After downloading DEVONthink to go 3, opening it shows only a black screen with a white bar at the bottom. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling and I’m getting the same results (also tried rebooting and opening with and without 2.7.9 running).
I’m stumped so any tips would be great, thanks

  • Did you have large databases in DEVONthink To Go 2?
    Data is migrated from 2 to 3 on launch.
  • How long did you let it sit?

I’ve left it on all this time and the screen is the same.

The size is 15.4 GB total according to iCloud storage in settings and that’s across half a dozen databases.

Still stumped

Reboot the iOS device and see if it persists.

I tried that and there was no change.