Black text, even if prefs is set to white

A screenshot of me adding a rich text document with the prefs pane in the background. The text is black, should be white according to my setting.

Welcome @dozepih

What version of DEVONthink and operating system are you running?

3.5.2 and the beta of Big Sur 11.0.1 Beta (20B5012d).

I just realized the left arrow in the picture above points to the full-screen setting and that actually shows the text as white. So does Plain notes. And Formatted notes. It’s just Rich text notes that seems to default to black text on a black background since I’m running in Dark Mode.

Does this persist after rebooting the machine?

PS: macOS 11 Big Sur is a ​beta ​operating system. It’s not a good idea to run a beta operating system on a device you need operating as expected.

Yes, I still have the problem after a reboot.

same problem here as well

These background/foreground colors define only the fullscreen appearance.