blank pdf after clipping on some sites

I have tried clipping with "PDF (One Page) e.g this article but the pdf in Devonthink stays blank: … ?r=US&IR=T

If, however, I’m clipping it as a paginated pdf it works fine. This only happens on a few websites and it doesn’t matter if I’m using Chrome or Safari.

I’m running the newest Devonthink Office Pro (trial) app on a Mac 10.13.2

The paginated option uses the print style. You can see this by clicking the print link for the article. The preview you see matches the paginated PDF from the browser extension. This is a bunch of dynamically loaded data that (most of it) doesn’t exist on this page. Sites using this method can be problematic to clip accurately.

thank you for clearing this up! So I assume it is better to always use the paginated PDF version to make sure it is working otherwise you’d always have to check in devonthink if the print has worked.

Though it’s never guaranteed, it’s a more likely option to work. Cheers!