Blank PDF Issue

Hi there,

I’m having a strange issue with a PDF of a book. On my M2 Mini (14.1.2, DTP3.9.4), when I open this PDF in Devonthink, I can see the cover image, but all the text is gone. I can see the highlight annotations, but none of the text. The boxes outlining links in the document are still visible as well. The file looks the same in Preview. If I open it in Acrobat Reader or LiquidText, it’s fine. The file is synced (via WebDAV) to my laptop (macOS 14.0, DTP3.9.4) where it works just fine in all applications. I have even tried moving a fresh copy of the file from my laptop back to my mini, to no avail.

I’m suspecting something is up with my macOS install, possibly related to the 14.1.2 update? PDFkit problem? Sorry to post this here, given that it doesn’t seem like a DT issue specifically. I’m just hoping someone will have some insight, suggestions, or awareness of an OS-level problem, etc. Feel free to tell me to buzz off to the Apple support forums, if need be.

Probably. I seem to remember similar posts here, and the fact that you see the issue in Preview and DT but not in Acrobat Reader seems to point in that direction.

You wouldn’t feel lonesome there:

and then EIGHT frigging years ago:

Perhaps printing the PDF to PDF (from Acrobat?) helps. Or not.