Blank PDF pages in DT3

Hi all, I just downloaded DT3 and opened an old database as a test and get blank pages in the main window. The thumbnails in the sidebar show up normal however. So if i open this pdf in preview from DT it also shows up normal.

I have this sometimes in DT2, but the new version has this with all pdf’s. I found one post here from 2018 that linked it to PDFkit from macOS 10.12, could that be it? I’m still on that. And if so is there a workaround?

Thanks & the new version looks great!

Thanks for the kind words!

Regarding the issue: We suggest you upgrade to macOS 10.13 or higher. Sierra was a mess, full of bugs, especially ones regarding PDFkit.

I think this may be the same issue as I am experiencing. But it wasn’t an issue in DT3B1. I don’t want to up OS from Sierra for fear other apps would need updating, also other hardware. I hope that this means I won’t be able to upgrade DT2 to DT3 when it’s launched.

That is the current state of things. Development will have to assess the feasibility going forward.

PS: Sierra was plain awful, and why the next release was High Sierra. I’d seriously consider your options on upgrading. And yes, I have a machine running it, and yes, it’s awful compared to the next releases. :stuck_out_tongue:

But as I said, it wasn’t an issue with DT3B1. Surely it can be fixed?

Development would have to respond to this, but its presence in beta 1 doesn’t mean it wasn’t causing problems or was stable.

We had to do a tremendous amount of workarounds due to the debacle of Apple’s PDFkit in Sierra. These are not necessarily uniformly reliable in future releases.

I have 2 iMacs so have this afternoon updated one to OS 10.14.5. Whether I’ll update the other depends upon hardware and some other apps. Meanwhile I can play with DT3.2!

I have the same problem as mog: Mac OS Sierra, blank pdf-pages in DT3B2, not yet in DT3B1.

I never had any pdf-problems with Sierra, and dedicated pdf-applications like PDF Expert work excellently under it, as DT2 has always done, so I don’t see why DT3 could’t or shouldn’t.

Requirements for DT3 are 10.11.5 or higher, isn’t it? This means there should be no reason at all for upgrading from 10.12 to 10.13/14.

I find this very unsatisfying, and I hope Development will fix this bug very soon!

The next beta will support this again but usage of Sierra is definitely discouraged - El Capitan, High Sierra or Mojave are much more reliable.

and dedicated pdf-applications like PDF Expert work excellently under it,

Other applications have rolled their own PDF frameworks. Apps like PDF Expert or Acrobat do not use Apple’s PDFKit, so this is not a reliable comparison.

And as Criss mentioned, using Sierra is discouraged. Upgrading to High Sierra or higher is strongly suggested.

OK, Thanks for your advice.

No problem.

PS: The hardware specs for High Sierra are essentially the same as Sierra, so if you only wanted to move up to macOS 10.13 (for whatever reason), you should be good. If the machine runs Sierra, it should run High Sierra too.

Yes, I know, thanks!

I upgraded to Mojave and everything runs smoothly now, so that was it.

Since some stuff i need doesn’t work on 10.14 i made an extra partition and used super duper to clone my old system to that and this works well too so might be an option for others having this problem. This is mainly print stuf with software that uses a dongle so felt a bit tricky but does seem to do the trick. Mojave does feel snappier too. Still don’t get why apple never fixed their pdfkit, but than i’m no coder;-)