Blank pdfs now

I’ve asked before about DT clips showing up as blank. I was using web archive or html as saving format. I was advised to export all clippings as pdf. I have, and increasingly I get entirely blank clippings. Why? Using Safari 10.1.1

Which macOS version do you use? A restart of DEVONthink (or of the computer) should fix this.

Mac Os 10.12.5
It’s been going on for at least a month, so I don’t think restarting will fix it. Any other ideas?

Is the option to declutter the layout enabled? This option should be disabled if the browser doesn’t display an HTML page but e.g. a PDF document instead like in this case. Another option is to print the PDF document to DEVONthink, this retains also URL & title.

OK thanks Christian, I’ll try that. I’ve also switched browser from Safari to Firefox to see if that helps.

The browser doesn’t make a difference, DEVONthink downloads & renders the pages on its own as browsers don’t provide the necessary data. But I could reproduce the issue by viewing an online PDF document and trying to clip it with decluttering enabled. The next maintenance release will fix this.