Blank scanner preview in DT 3.5

When scanning I get a blank overview in DT 3.5.
I thought this was a problem with the Canon multifunction but I saw that, when using the scanner with other apps like Apple Preview, all was working well.
Scanning works in DT because I obtain a correct document. But the overview screen is blank. If I’m sure with the settings I can scan but if something has to be changed or if I want to draw an area it’s not really possible.
I didn’t have this problem with the previous DT3 versions

Do you get an error message or just a blank preview?

Just a blank preview. And scan button gives the correct image when I display the saved document.

Is anything logged to Windows > Log or an alert shown after clicking the Overview button?

No alert, I said

Did the scanner attempt to do the overview scan either when first connecting to the scanner or by pressing the Overview button?

It did when I selected the scanner, as usual. I saw the progress bar. But, after, nothing else than the screen I published here. And, if I use the Overview button, it’s the same.

Do you actually have two scanners?

Can you choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and mark it for the attention of Alan - thanks!

No, only one scanner and I see on its screen that it correctly receives the call

I did it, it opens a new mail with attachments and I only need a mail address to send

Send it to support @ devontechnologies .com (minus the spaces, of course)


Perhaps it could help if I download a previous release ? Just to see there is no problem with previous releases, as I remember

Hi everybody,
When I saw 3.5.1 update I started to hope.
But the update doesn’t fix the problem.

And if I select custom size I can’t see the chosen zone.
And, I forgot, it’s not only the preview which isn’t displayed, the final scan too. It means that I have this screen during all the scan process. But, when the scan is finished, I can verify it is correct when selecting the generated document.

I have just sent you a message via the support ticket for this issue.