Blank screen

I open up DTTG on my iPad (I’m using the latest version of everything), it says “Loading Databases…” and then I get a white screen. And that’s it. Can’t get to my database. I have tried removing DTTG from my iPad and reinstalling, and it works fine for a bit, then I get the frozen white screen again. I’ve tried fiddling with the orientation button on the iPad, as one poster suggested, but nothing changed.

Any idea why it’s doing that and what I can do about it?

In the meantime, I cannot rely on DDTG and am using Evernote.

I recently discovered a bug that presents similar symptoms. Are you using the iPad in portrait or landscape orientation? If you rotate to landscape, does the list of databases appear?

Hi Jon,

You’re absolutely right. Switching to landscape brings everything onto the iPad screen. I also discovered that when there’s only the white screen, I can hit the “back” button, and that works, too.

Thanks much.