blocking of Ads, malicious scripts and trackers web search

Dear Devonthink Gurus :wink:

As we all know, THE number one intrusion tool of choice in these days - is the Browser.

Not to mention tracking, frauding, spying, malicious scripts, tracking via reload of external fonts, etc.

Every security blog advises users to use security settings in their browsers (Example (sorry, it is in german):

So what I want is for DevonThink, DEVONagent and DEVONsphere Express the possibility to set no third party cookies, DoNotTrack, delete all cookies and cache of websearches on Exit. As with Firefox for example. And most: to be able to implement the great uBlock origin filter lists/ block lists and NoScript!

And best to be able to set a proxy, like TOR network for searches.

When you do a search, as it is now, all those β€œneat” little tracking and data mining companies get a huge amount of personal interests - and this is bad. I do not want them to feed my interests and my searches. And also, I want to block all those 404 Spam sites and other rubbish.

uBlock Infos:
NoScript Infos:

The guys behind those great tools will surely be very helpfull when asked for.

And you guys will be the first ones compared to tools like evernote, etc., to take security and privacy concerns of your users serious.

A big step forward in these unsecure days. :exclamation:



You can choose the cookie policy in Preferences > Web of DEVONagent/think and enable the option to delete cookies on quit. In case of DEVONagent you could also use private browsing (see DEVONagent Pro menu)