I use DT Pro and DAgent for blogging. I run a sports blog at For a lot of the articles, I will pull in web pages, or PDF files, and statistics to help in writing the articles.

I want to keep all of that information in a database because I want the ability to go back and find information that will have disappeared off the web two or three years from now.

The structure I use evolving, and I imagine will continue to evolve over the next year or so. I need to get better at using DA for research, and I suppose that will come with time.

I primarily edit everything within DT Pro because I don’t need the full capability of a word processor. When I need to make sure of the HTML, I cut and paste into Taco HTML Edit. I’d like to see a little better capabilities in this area, such as being able to generate HTML from the rich text items.

Not as lofty as academic research, but probably a more commonplace usage. Anyone else using this for blogging?

Note that you can turn rich text (RTF or RTFD) into HTML by selecting a document and choosing File > Export > as Website.

Export into a folder in the Finder and the rich text document (including images if any and hyperlinks) is now HTML and can be opened in your Web browser.

You can also do editing of the source code of an HTML document in DT Pro by double-clicking to open it in its own window. Now click on ‘Edit Source’ in the document window toolbar to edit the source code. When finished, click on the ‘View Page’ icon.

It would be more helpful if you had something that did - export to clipboard, or something like that, and did only the document body. I don’t need the ‘header’ information or things like that, they only get strippped out. It’s okay if I’m exporting a full page, but all I’m doing is using HTML inside of an existing template, like most blogs are doing.

So you’re requesting something like an “Edit > Copy as HTML” command?

that would be wonderful…

but include the HTML only from the document, in other words, don’t include a header, body, and footer information.

Or provide a preference, or two options.

Thank you!

You may want to look at the HumaneText.service, at (click on the No.5 to download it). It implements a service that converts selected text to/from (X)HTML. I don’t remember whether you have to install the Markdown system as well, or if it’s included in the download, but there’s a link to it on the page. Markdown is the engine that does the actual conversion.

I would like to be able to post a blog entry straight from DT. I’m going to see if there’s any way to automate the process using a 3rd-party app and/or an Applescript. If I find anything of interest, I’ll post it here.