I am trying to specifically find out what young adults are saying within blogs about their use of treatment, anti-depressants, counselling etc for their depression and anxiety. I use the blogs and usenet searchset and I get nothing with the plugins ticked off. Please help!!


I did a quick search using the plugins for blogs and usenet and it quickly led me to a wealth of information. Here’s the query:

(counseling OR treatment OR support) AND (anxiety OR depresson OR manic OR bipolar OR panic) AND (young OR youth)

Note: Don’t use more than ten query terms (exclusive of operators) in the main query line. But you can add additional “filter” terms in the second line of a query, as many as you wish.

I got 30 results. At first glance, that might not seem very much. But most of the links were Google Group pages. Open such a link and click on the Search this Group button. The search term is already entered! I found a great many comments by young people about their problems and experiences. Repeat the search query noted above, and start digging!

Once you start digging into this literature of blogs and usenet lists, you will find still other sources and terms to add to your search set.

There’s a lot of the literature you are looking for.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I dont get any relevant searches or anywhere near 30 documents!

I chose blogs and usent, and put in the query and nothing relevant!

What am I doing wrong?

Which version of DEVONagent do you use?

I am using version 2.3.1

Did you use Bill’s query or a different one? Also, which plugins are enabled by your “Blogs & Usenet” search set? See Tools > Edit Search Sets > Plugins.

Yes I put in Bill’s query as seen above.

The plugins for blogs are: 2rss, bloogz, feedster and technorati.

After selecting “Blogs & Usenet” in the popup menu of search windows and entering Bill’s query, 63 pages are downloaded and I get 34 results. All of them from the Usenet (Google Groups) as Feedster doesn’t seem to work right now (or anymore?), at least it times out from over here.

Thank you for all your help. I think Feedster was causing me issues over here too!