Blue Bold Item Names

Stupid question I’m sure …

Why do some of the items (mostly Rich Text items) show up with Bold Blue text, while the rest show up as regular black? I can’t find anything this signifies, except (possibly), Duplicate items???

I’m aware that URL links show up underlined blue, and replicated items show up red, but bold blue???


This is discussed in online help and in the user documentation.

Blue bold document names indicate duplicates. Red document names indicate replicants.

Duplicates are easy to understand. If I make a copy of a document, I now have two duplicate documents. Suppose I start making changes to one of the documents. At some point DT will decide that the two documents are no longer similar enough to be duplicates, and the titles of both will become ‘normal’ black text.

Replicants are more difficult to understand. Replicants are not aliases. In the Finder, if I create an alias of a file, the two files – the original file and the alias – are fundamentally different. If I were to delete the alias, the original file would remain. But if I had instead deleted the original file, the alias would no longer have a referent and I would no longer be able to obtain much information from it.

If I replicate a file, I now have two replicants. No matter which I delete, the remaining file retains all its information content, and it’s name will now be black rather than red. If I modify one replicant I modify all the other replicants of a file, as well. But if I modify a duplicate, the other copies of the file are not modified.

Note that groups can also be duplicated or replicated.

If I duplicate a document or group twice the storage space will be required. But if I replicate a group or document, only a very small additional storage overhead will be require for each additional replicant.

The ability to duplicate or replicate material in a database can be very useful.

I have decided that they are no longer duplicated but DT does not seem to agree. Is there any way I can force the issue and inform DT that the files are no longer duplicates?