Blue emboldened file names

I’ve been away from DEVONthink for a while. I forget what it means when a file name in an indexed folder is emboldened in blue.


The file is a duplicate (the other instances can be found via the “Instances” popup of the Info panel).

Thanks. Checking “Instances” on the info panel shows only the first instance, not the duplicate.

WIAI, what does it mean when a filename is emboldened black in an indexed folder? At first I thought it meant that the file had been copied to the group. But I find an emboldened file name with the little light grey arrow that indicates the file is indexed.

Any filename in bold, in any color, indicates an unread file. You’d also see a grey dot in the Flag column.

Thanks. What does “unread” mean in this context, e.g., in an indexed folder?

It means some content - even a singular file - is unread in the group.

In an indexed folder I don’t know what that means. Since it’s an indexed folder I take it it doesn’t mean it’s not been copied into the folder.

It means you’ve got a file in the folder in the Finder that hasn’t been viewed in DEVONthink.

Thanks. Now I understand.