Blue filename titles, but they're not duplicates

I have a couple of filenames whose titles are blue, but they are not duplicates (I did a find within DT). How can I un-blue them? Does this mean my database is corrupt?

  • Bob

Bob, duplicates don’t necessarily have the same name, nor are documents with the same name necessarily duplicates. So a search by Name may not turn up duplicates. Conversely, the results of a search by Name may not be duplicates.

For example, I sometimes create “template” documents and lock them (in the Info panel) so that they can’t be modified. To use such a template I will duplicate it, unlock the duplicate and start editing it. When first created, this document will have its name in bold blue. But as I begin modifying it, at some point DEVONthink will decide that it no longer is a duplicate, and the name (both of it and the template document) will change to black.

Odds are that your database is fine.

Ah - got it. I have a number of items I use as “to do’s”, with just titles and no real content. When I complete several on the same day I enter the dates, making them identical.

Is there a way to turn this feature off?

No, and it’s generally useful – which is to say that you will eventually encounter situations in which you will be glad you hadn’t turned off the distinction between duplicate items. :slight_smile: