blue groups appearing from nowhere....


I just noticed that I have groups that have appeared with the same names as groups I already had, but coloured blue and with no contents… They don’t seem to be true duplicates… They seem to pervade almost every group in my database at almost every level. Does any one know what they are? Thanks,


Do you remember which action caused the additional groups? E.g. drag & drop or usage of a script?

Anyway, they’re probably just empty groups and excluded from tagging (see File > Database Properties or Tools > Show Info) and therefore blue.

That’s the problem; I’m not sure what caused them. Seemed to be after I reinstalled DT to go on my phone and synced for the first time, but I can’t be sure. I could just go through and delete them, but they seem to have been created at almost every level of my database, making it a hefty task!

I had the same issue and it was definitely related to DEVONthink To Go.

I would create a smart group with “kind is = group” , choose to view it in list view and sort by size and you will see all empty folders at the top of the list.
(In case you don’t want to delete all empty groups and only the recently created empty ones instead, you could sort by “date added (or created)”. In addition to the “size”-column, the item count shown next to the name makes it easy to identify empty folders too.)

Good thinking, thanks,


Is there any procedure I could follow to reproduce this effect?

Unfortunately I cannot exactly tell, when this took place. It happened shortly after I had 1.2.8 freshly installed sometime in between three syncs of one database, that first failed - I think due to files > 50 MB, because I sometime have troubles with syncs including such files - and a second and third that I manually aborted, before I deleted the database and synced it anew.
At that time I did nothing else with DEVONthink Pro Office, but I did not view that database and noticed only later, that all groups got duplicated (empty).

Woops, did it again. Note to self, never use DT to go again…