Blue Service

I have been a happy Devonthink customer for a couple of months now.
The first question I haver relates to the blue service add on. I cannot seem to understand how to move highlighted text onto my t68i.

It sees my phone when I select "send to bluetooth device" in the services menu. It then gives me a list of choices:

Dial-up networking
voice gateway
Serial port 1
Serial port 2
OBEX object push
IrMC Synchronization
voice gateway (again.)

The logical choice (i thought) was OBEX object push. On selecting this, the blue light on the phone flashes frantically. This is followed some 90 seconds later by an error message "blueService: Connection failed."

Any ideas anybody? And what are all those options anyway? Some of them seem to imply that it is possible to stream audio via the phone.

The options are just part of the standard OS X BlueTooth browser. BlueService supports only OBEX transfers and this should work if you’re able to transfer plain text files using Apple’s BlueTooth File Exchange for example.