Blurry PDF Capture

I’m trying to capture a web page and a couple of days ago I started to see “blurry” PDF capture.
I am forced to capture a web archive to get a clear page capture. The web archive is a lot larger than the PDF one page capture.
Attached is an example.
Any suggestions?

I’m running macOS Sierra
Version 10.12.4(16E195)

Hmm seems my attachment is not showing correctly. Here is a URL to get it from my Dropbox account. … 20copy.jpg

Yes, are you running the 2.9.11 release of DEVONthink?

No, I did not get notified there was a software update.
I’m running 2.9.10, obviously I’ll update now and report back. Strange I had automatic updates enabled too for daily checks.

Still blurry for me after updating. … 7%20PM.png

Interesting. Confirmed on the jalopnik site.

Yes, every site where I try and capture via PDF.

Any log files or anything I can do to help let me know.
I’m not sure what else to troubleshoot.

Over here (10.12.3) the captured PDF from, saved to DEVONthink, is initially not blurry, then blurs as it is scrolled, and then gets sharp again if I switch tabs and then return to the PDF. It is not blurry at all in Acrobat DC. It is very blurry when first opened in Preview, and then snaps into sharpness.

Very strange.

I’ve been doing plenty of PDFs recently and this site is the only one I’ve found whose captures behave this way.

I suspect it might be Apple related.
I will select a “blurry” PDF , choose reveal in Finder and check it in Preview and Adobe.

The captured PDF documents are actually fine (see e.g. Quick Look panel), they’re “only” sometimes rendered blurry. Seems to be a new issue of 10.12.4.

I did more testing.
I captured a page PDF and only 1 is blurry( inside DEVONthink)
The copy to the desktop is perfect, the quick look is perfect.

In the DEVONthink window blurry … Nthink.png

Quick Look NOT blurry … Nthink.png

Show in finder, copy to Desktop, looks perfect … lants!.pdf

I can almost swear this was happening before 10.12.4. Maybe :slight_smile:
Oh well , seems to be an Apple thing.

Thanks for the help, there is nothing you can do to fix Apple’s issue. At least they will save correctly. I can live without them viewing correctly until Apple fixes whatever is wrong.
Can you open a bug report with them, or should I??

I filed already a bug report using PDF documents that demonstrate a bunch of issues, e.g. the docs can freeze Preview/DEVONthink, aren’t displayed in the sidebar in Preview/DEVONthink or aren’t correctly rendered including blurry or white pages.

I am on 10.12.3 (not 10.12.4) and see the issue as reported above. So it does preceed 12.4

That’s of course quite possible. But since the release of 10.12.4 we’ve received several reports of this kind, I guess it’s even worse now.

Just for fun I tested PDF (Paginated), and it works fine. No blur. I’ll take that :smiley:

I can’t clip Pdfs either, at least for some pages. PDF just shows a blank page. Opening outside DTP doesn’t help, so the PDF aren’t captured correctly. A PDF made outside DTP and imported works fine.
DTP also crashed once while trying to open one of those files.

Would be interested to learn what others have found with the latest releases of DT and 10.12.4 and working with PDFs.

Are the issues that were present still there, or are we now finally at a point where Apple has produced a PDF Kit that has allowed DT to work, or workaround, the PDF issues so that we have properly functioning PDFs in DT?

Because PDFs, and their annotations, are such a critical part of my research and writing, am still working with OSX 10.11, as I know there are no issues, and annotations or notes will not suddenly disappear or not be able to be opened, etc…

Time to update to 10.12, or still worth holding to an OSX that actually “just works”?

Any thoughts or experiences would be welcome.

PDF issues aside, I have felt Sierra performed better in general. Apple has not fixed all the PDFKit issues. We are working around what we can, including more fixes for the next maintenance release.

As Sierra doesn’t have any compelling features (IMHO) and 10.13 will be available within few months, it might be better to skip Sierra. Especially as Apple still releases security updates for El Capitan.