Board notifications?

Unlike many application forums I do find that this one for DevonThink is really very good indeed and an excellent tool for learning, this is, of course, down to the generosity and kindness of all those members who take the time to reply to enquiries and share their expertise, for which I for one am very grateful. I know that it is possible to subscribe to topics within boards, but is it possible to subscribe to whole boards so that a notification is received whenever a new topic is posted?

I don’t use this feature myself, so I can only assume that it works… Having said that, there is an option in the lower-left corner of each individual forum to subscribe to that forum. I assume that selecting this option will notify you of every post to the forum rather than just new topics, which could become annoying after a while.

You may need to select to the ProSilver theme in your personal settings to see this option. You can toggle it on/off and switch back to the default forum theme, if that’s your preference.

As another thought, you could also subscribe to the RSS feed of the forum(s).

Yup. There’s no way to limit subscription notifications to new topics; they always apply to new posts.

Very quickly annoying if notified for every new post on any relatively busy forum.

When trying that a few years ago I’m pretty sure posts would get truncated, not always displaying the full text.

I start most forum sessions with View unread posts or View new posts from the index page, then cherry pick from the topic list using the small orange icon links to the left of titles for opening at the first unread post (usually in background tabs viewed later).

Thanks folks for your help on this one, think I will take sjk’s advice and cherry pick. Cheers.