Bogus missing file error in 3.8.6

After the upgrade to DT 3.8.6 a few days ago one of my databases fails with ‘missing file’ errors. The error is incorrect because the files are present. They are symbolic links with missing targets. These didn’t cause a problem in DT 3.8.5.

If I look at the folder in DT it shows the supposedly missing file as present, but incorrectly shows it as having zero bytes. This also is incorrect. Symbolic links are not zero-byte files as can be seen in Finder or in the terminal.

Again this just started with the upgrade to 3.8.6. Has anyone seen this problem? Is there a fix/work-around?

If the target (of the symlink) is missing then to my mind the error is not so incorrect. The symlink itself is of no use to man nor beast, so I think I would even have expected DT to follow the link - as I would expect it to index the contents of the target rather than of the link too.

This is obviously a problem for you and your setup though; could you perhaps elaborate (what is your setup, why are the targets missing, why aren’t you bothered by that?) please, that might help somebody come up with a solution.