Bold and Italics don't work

When I’m editing an RTF file created in DT, I can’t make words italic by either hitting Apple-I or through the Style menu, although it does work if I either use the context menu or the Fonts dialog box. I think that in the past bold hasn’t worked either, but right now it does. Any ideas what the problem is?

You may want to use a tool such as Onyx to clean your Font cache. Then use FontBook to check for any conflicts or disabled fonts.

Thanks, that fixed it! By the way, sorry for posting this in the DA forum instead of the one for DT.

Hi - I’m still having trouble along these lines. I switched my font to Times New Roman which does have an italics option (after reading these posts) – but now all I can do is italicize particular notes in their entirety. I’m taking notes from a range of academic and ancient texts and its necessary to be able to italicize individual words and phrases but not entire notes – can anyone help me with this?

Igeorge, Annard’s suggestion is probably appropriate for your problem, as well. Your computer’s management of fonts is messed up at the moment.

I am having the same problem (which I never had before with DT) — and FontBook does not show any conflicts or issues.

The same problem with… what font?
Screencaps and/or details, please.