"bold" greyed / Style "bold" does not wo

Seems I am a bit dull, but I can’t make DT1.9.1 to format RTF-text as bold. The corresponding menu-item [format->style->bold (apple-B)] is greyed out and the RTF-style does not work either. I feel quite silly to post this…is there some general switch that I am not aware of?

Hmm, maybe the font you use does not support the bold style? Does it work with this font in TextEdit (we use the same text engine)?



Exactly. Found it out about an hour after posting this issue. I was not aware that the font itself should support the styles. Esp. in the case of bold I thought there would always be the opportunity for a “poor mans bold” (meaning a simple doubling of each character by shifting it one point to the right). However, thanks a lot for the reply.