Bonjour - is it possible to restrict access to certain databases?

Hello, everyone. I’d be grateful if anyone could help with a Bonjour query:

I use DT3 for work (which involves handling confidential documents) but also have a database set up for personal use. I wanted to share a family database with my wife and Bonjour seemed to be the best way of achieving that, given we are mostly on the same network (especially in these times of WFH). Everything works perfectly, with one issue: my wife is able to access my work databases at the same time. Is there any way to restrict access to certain databases over Bonjour?

Many thanks in advance.

This isn’t possible at the moment but we’ll consider this for future releases.

Thank you for confirming. Can I ask a follow up?

If I had an encrypted database, would that be available through Bonjour? And, if so, would it be necessary for the password to be entered? Might that be a way to solve the issue I have?

Encryption is a local option. A database can be encrypted on computer A but doesn’t have to be on computer B. But I forgot that there’s indeed already an option: The user/password of the database (see File > Database Properties…) could be used to protect it.

Thank you - that should hopefully do the trick!