Bonjour Sync (DT to DTTG) never finishes

I use a Mac-mini (on Catalina) as DT sync server. On that server resides a large database, larger than 40 GB in size, 57643 items. The mac-mini has 4 sync clients: two DTTG devices and two DT devices. All sync via bonjour. The DTTG devices sync “On Demand” (shallow). Initially the sync worked fine, however lately the sync crashes DTTG at 57128 items on one device (iphone 8), and 35281 on the other (ipad 2018). This happens on both DTTG devices. There is no notice or anything, DTTG just disappears from the screen. After opening the DTTG app again the sync starts from the beginning, so this process never finishes.

The two DT devices both sync fine.

Any advice? Any way to diagnose the issue further?

Does the app actually just crash or does it stall for 30 seconds before crashing (which means that the UI becomes unresponsive and then iOS kills the app after half a minute)?

If you can find any crash logs in iOS’ Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data that look like DEVONthink To Go? Sending them to our support could help. Also, the file Console.log that you can find in Files > On My Device > DEVONthink could be interesting.

Sorry, late reply. I could not find anything suspicious in the log file.

I reinstalled the app on my iPad, and it became clear that the database was just too large to fit on local storage, even with the shallow sync.

On my iPhone I deleted the database and synced it again. Took al long time but now everything works again

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Thanks for the follow up!