Bonjour Sync / encrypted database server & client side

Hi everyone,

apologies if this has been asked or solved before - but I did not find it while searching.

I am trying to sync via local network/bonjour, from an encrypted database to an encrypted database.

What I end up with is always an encrypted database on the “source/server” side (DBname.sparseimage) and an unencrypted database (DBname.dtBase2) on the “client” side.

On the client side under “Preferences” → “Sync” → “Bonjour/local network” → “gear” icon I can select “Import Encrypted Database” - but I always end up with an unencrypted database on the “client” side (DBname.dtBase2).

Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please point me towards a piece on information which may help me solving my problem?

Many thanks!

Did you delete the already existing local database on the client before trying to import it that way?

solved. thanks mate - that was embarrassing … :slight_smile: happy new year!


No worries!
I told my parents this past weekend, “I’m not upset about _____ not working. I’ll figure it out and failures are part of how you learn.”

can i suggest, that if the source is encrypted, then import it as encrypted by default? I ran into a similar issue, that i imported the databases that showed up after enabling bonjour and was just confused why they were not encrypted. Maybe ask when clicking on the remote database: do you want to import the remote encrypted database with encryption or without?

Kind regards

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.