Bonjour Sync fails regularly

You ideally should reboot your devices weekly –both Mac and mobile.

And, please open a ticket as i suggested.
PS: I am support.

Please, as @Bluefrog advised, start a Support Ticket. It’s free!

Meantime, go to the Console Log for the time at which you saw the Bonjour failure and see what it says. You don’t want to be looking at the “fire hose flooding” of log entries as that is real-time. Go back in time.

While I don’t know if you will spot anything, it’s normally the first place to look. You are looking for some sort of macOS issue with Bonjour, I guess.

Edit: Also confirm (probably again, but good to do so again) that for the Bonjour sync setting you have “Inbox” set to sync.

I’m sorry that you need to reboot your devices so often.

Okay. Once I hit the issue again, I’ll open one, as the “Report bug” option attaches a bunch of logs.

It’s not about being paid, but rather the support feels hostile (sorry, BLUEFROG). Beginning from the opening message that sounds pretty passive-aggressive, ending with, well, this.

tl;dr; rant

You know, this one:

P.S. We at DEVONtechnologies are actual humans handling your request. So please note that we do not work 24/7 but sleep during the night and spend the larger parts of the weekends with our families and friends.

And then the figurative eye-rolling like I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to work with my machine — whether I’ve restarted my computer? Oh, I didn’t? Oh, you, so foolish! (My computer is supposed to work and IS working fine without constant restarts, you know?)

I’m okay with a list of “dumb” questions because, so often, the issue is really simple, and the user is the one who is doing something wrong. For example, checking if Bonjour is enabled. It sounds stupid, but it could be the issue altogether, so it’s worth checking out.

BLUEFROG, what makes me sad, is like you trying to catch me doing something wrong and then jump on me with an “aha, got you!” moment. Like, that thing with asking whether I’m using Bonjour in other than my home location, and after my reply backing up that it’s actually possible to set up Bonjour to work out of the home. I know it’s possible; I’m describing that it fails with the “direct” approach, and it felt like you’re trying to lure me into the “well, what did you expect when you’re using it not as it was intended” trap. Would be so much better to ask if I have a setup to communicate between the devices while being on different networks. And no, I don’t have such setup.

It looks like no one else, or mostly no one else, is having this issue. In that case, it might be something conflicting with DEVON on my machine (and it would be a pain to figure out exactly what it is). So, I guess I have a direction that I will explore (including the “report a bug” menu item).

Thank you for your input.

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FYI, here is how my Bonjour setting is on iPhone. Your’s same? (without the green, of course)

This isn’t a personal problem. It’s a general admonition and good habit for everyone, including yourself.

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Here’s the video how it looks like on my phone (mac is awake and nearby; the other databases are fine as you can see with timestamps):

(a direct link if it doesn’t play from here)

This is the video from my chat with the support. Last time I’ve had this issue a few days ago.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do that. Generally, I don’t have issues, and I won’t start restarting my machine every now and then only because I see an occasional issue with a random app. I’m also not going into deep dive discussing whose this “general admonition” is, who said that, and why I need to listen.

I never once found BLUEFROG passive agressive. He has always been tremendously helfpul.


Generally, one does not exclude the other.

However, in this case, are you saying that I’m seeing something that isn’t there? I need a social hint here, please.

I’m sorry I have started this conversation altogether. Unwillingly, I’ve directed the conversation from sync issues to the support discussion. For that, I’m sorry.

Thanks, but @bgnfu7re is the problem owner.

In my case, iOS devices stopped syncing to Mac via Bonjour due to geolocation indexing process never completing. After setting

System Preferences > Privacy > Location Services > Devonthink = OFF,

no more issues.

Thank you, I will try that.

Note: The issue with the stalled geolocation indexing was addressed in the 3.9.1 release yesterday. Just an FYI.

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Much appreciated!