Book list (records): how to do one?

Hi there,

I’ve been watching the video tutorials and while on Series Computer Aided Research - Part 1 I saw a book list (like a list of record; around minute 11:30 of the video) that seemed very handy.

My problem is that I do not know how to do this kind of list. Is it a simple sheet with specific columns? I don’t think so, since there’s a dedicated icon to it and an export option is also mentioned. More so, there’s a toolbar icon (‘new record’, I presume) that I cannot find.

See screenshot (of the video):

How is this book list done? Where is the icon?

Alternatively, can someone explain their method to include a list of bibliography on a research targeted database? I’d like to know about specific methods.

Any help will be most welcome! :slight_smile:

Use Data > New > Sheet and add the necessary columns. The toolbar icon is available via View > Customize Toolbar (DEVONthink Pro 1.x only).

Thank you (I’m using 2.0, btw). But it doesn’t work like the video, does it? I can make the list, but how do I see individual records alone (not in list view)?

V2 does not yet support record/form views. Note: The videos of the academy are outdated and will be replaced later this year.

Ah. Okay.

Looking forward to watch the new versions of the video tutorials.