Bookends better integration

with the last version Bookends add a very useful feature for integration with other apps: hyperlinking! Have you seen this? Just drag and drop the unique ID of an entry onto Devonthink doc or Scrivenr doc and you have a link to the entry in Bookends that will open and shows you the entry. My question is: will it ever be possible to make the opposite: drag ‘n’ drop a link to an entry that’s in DT in a bookends database?

The ‘structure’ of the link is quite simple: bookends:// (were XXX is the Unique ID number).

This would be great to take notes and quotes in DT and have a link in the Bookends entry…

I can’t remember where I read it but I think DT is planning a similar hyperlinking ability, maybe with DT 2.0. But I may have just been dreaming.

If you are really in a bind for this type of ability, there are some workarounds that aren’t nearly as slick as what you (and I) are hoping for.

  1. You can paste the exact title of the DT file anywhere you want. then when you need to, you can highlight the title, and use the Services menu to look it up in DT.

  2. If you aren’t picky about the file being opened in DT, then you can use this handy little quicksilver script (if you are a quicksilver user) to get the hyperlink of any file on your computer. (put it in library>app support>quicksilver>actions and be sure to enable advanced feature in QS).
    Having done that and relaunching QS, you can invoke QS, find your DT database file, enter into it and go to the file folder and then find the file you want to link to. Then tab to the action pane of QS and type PURL for the new script and execute it. The resulting URL for the file will open that file in the default app. Pics and PDFs in Preview, html pages in Safari, RTF’s in textedit, etc.

Obviously not ideal, but it may work for you for the the time being.[/i]