Bookends name display - inside DTP

Hello Team DevonthinkPro!

This is by no means a deal-breaker, and I’m pretty sure it will be understandably low on a list of priorities - assuming it ever makes it on in the 1st place - but how ‘easy’ would it be to have this customisable/changed?

DTPO BE12 name display.png

Maybe I’m the only one(??) - but I sort/think/work, in the context of references, in terms of NAMES (of Authors) first, then Title.

It would be really useful if the Author’s Name could be pulled into the display field - for easier sorting.

Asked over at BE - and Jon suggested I check things here.

Not a big one, just wondering if possible…

Many thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion, a future version might retain the author and therefore the “Author” column could be used for sorting.

If there was one - I would insert the [clap hands] emoticon here: :smiley:
The big smile will do though.

Use of “might” aside, thanks for taking it into consideration.

The next maintenance release will add the author to the properties, this can be used e.g. for sorting or the “Author” column.

Wow! That was unexpected - thanks a bunch, this will help plenty going forward! :smiley: