Bookends script

I’m a new user. I want to use DT with Bookends.

The bookends script works for me, but the title is the “type” from bookends, and the year is the “title” from bookends.

How can I correct this?

Sample.tiff (25.1 KB)

As Eric (who wrote the Bookends template) has commented on the forum, this script is a hack. There are two basic problems. First, Bookends isn’t scriptable, so there’s no easy way to write a script for interoperability with such an application. Second, the metadata fields accessed are available in only a limited number of filetypes, and are often inconsistent from one filetype to another. Not to mention the problem that when a script works with one version of an application such as Bookends or Sente, the next update may break the script, or even remove the possibility for interoperability that was in an earlier version of the application. Eric tries to contact the developers of the citation index database, sometimes getting cooperation, sometimes not.

So consider that the Bookends template that is able to get metadata from Bookends at all (even improperly placed) is something of a technical tour de force. :slight_smile:

The text string of the title, especially if enclosed within quotation marks to make it a phrase, should be searchable.

I suspect that the reason you didn’t quickly get a response on the forum is that there’s no easy answer. However, the developers do watch for posts that haven’t received an answer and periodically examine them to see if an answer may be available.

We can’t do scripting in Support. But it may be possible to rework that script.


Instead of using the BE template I use a work-around.
The workflow is the following:
a) I created a custom “export to DTPRo format” in BE
b) import in DT an rtf file with the citations I want
c) run some scripts (one to split a rtf file containing all selected BE citations, one to tag them accordingly to BE keywords and one to customize the icon of these records)

Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll give more details :smiley:

nestor, I’m interested but let’s start with a couple of questions before I waste too much of your time.

Are you able to create a back link to the BE reference like DT does? That’s a nice feature.

Also, why do you create a custom format, what are you gaining by doing that?


Hi tmb,

last first

The custom format is necessary to output a text that applescript can understand to 1) split text and 2) convert BE keywords to tags. Through the custom format you can also tell bookends to output BE item link (in the form of a “bookends://”; not a clickable link but just ctrl-click and open url…)
Here’s an example of how should appear the citation:

Assuming we have multiple citations, the “&&&” is the delimiter to split the temporary file in single citations. The asterisk delimitates the tag area and the semicolon each tag from the others. After the standard citation my custom format places the pdf title (if there’s a pdf attached) that can be useful if you index BE Attachments folder in DT
Just to be honest: I’m not a scripter, I’m just able to modify other scripts :wink: :wink:
let me know

First of all, anybody that’s reading Foucalt in French is above my pay grade. I can’t even understand the post-structuralists in English! :slight_smile:

On the meat of the subject, thanks for the info, let me play around with it.


Reading is not understanding! :laughing: