Bookmark Bar

The greatest improvement to DEVONagent for me would be a Bookmarks Bar, this would in one improvement make DA a viable alternative to Safari and other browsers. It seems to me to be a “must-have” in any browser. The ‘Go’ menu and the bookmark sidebar are okay, but inconvenient compared with a bar. Please can this be given some serious consideration? Thanks.

I think a Bookmark Bar is more inconvenient except for Bookmarklets, and even then the requirement to keep your browser wide enough to support them is annoying. I like a Bookmark sidebar better.

Personal preference then, how about juast that, a setting in Preferences?

Doubtful, since Dtech generally prefers not to add new preferences. And some of us would (still) like a Status Bar but that’s long been unforeseeable.

Thanks ski, that’s it then :exclamation:

Nope, that’s not it then. I am just giving my opinion, nothing more. It never hurts to ask.

What Jim said. :slight_smile: