'Bookmark' place in PDF or other document

Newbie question …

I would like to mark my place when reading large documents, especially PDFs. How can I "bookmark’ my place? I saw older references in the forum that this might be coming in future releases.


This is not (yet) possible.

Thank you for the reply Christian. I am looking forward to the continued enhancement of DTP2. I found the product to be very flexible and useful.


If you read the PDFs using Skim, you can place bookmarks and make comments in that. They will all be saved back into DT database for next time you open.

You have to right-click and select to get the PDF open in Skim from DT2 but I’ve found this workaround very useful for the way that I use DT, at least until native annotation turns up in DT.

Am I informed correctly that using bookmarks is still not possible 3 years later?

If this was an opensource project I’d say, hm maybe they need some more donations. But for a commercial product it’s rather disappointing.