Bookmark shortcut does not work in Bookmarklet

In the bookmarklet or the new Safari extension the shortcut Cmd+B does not work for me. All the other shortcuts work as expected. Anyone else seeing this behavior?
Thanks, Thomas


I’m sad to say that yes, I can reproduce this behaviour :frowning: It does work if you haven’t got the cursor in any text field, i.e. if you click just above the notes field in the overlay. My hypothesis is that this is due to Safari expecting to be able to use ⌘B for bold in contenteditable objects, but since the notes field is not contenteditable I would very much like to know what it thinks it’s doing :slight_smile:

I’m filing a case on this one, and with any luck I’ll be able to fix it for the next release. If all else fails I may have to change the shortcut for the bookmark button, but I’ll try to avoid that.

Good catch, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Yours sincerely,

Hi Rob, thanks for looking into this. It’s a minor bug nevertheless, but I know your quality standards :slight_smile: Best, Thomas

Yes. I would like to see this addressed as well. As a keyboard junkie, I gots to have my fix!!