Bookmarking pages in PDF's &co.

Hi a couple of suggestions:

It would be really useful to be able to place markers (bookmarks) on pages in pdfs stored in the database. These would be displayed as markers on the relevent page. It would be nice to be able to place them anywhere on the page but not essential. Multiple bookmarks per document should be allowed. The icon for a document in the treelist should have a marker superimposed on it indicating that the document contains bookmarks. It should be possible to view a list of bookmarks in a single document or the entire database and immediately go directly to that bookmark. It would be useful to be able to name the bookmarks as well. The list of bookmarks could also show the document name and its location in the database.

If I am reading a pdf and jave zoomed the page and I then scroll down to the bottom of the page when I go to th next page I really want to be at the top of the page. At the moment with DT when I go to the next page it is already scrolled by the same amount and the top of the page is off the screen. Every time I switch pages the first thing I have to do is scroll up. Could we please have the page scrolled to top everytime we switch pages (or at least a preference to change this behaviour).


Great product by the way!

Thank you for the suggestions. V1.9.2 will fix the second issue, the first one depends on the possibilities introduced by Tiger.

in the better than nothing department, if you have an Adobe PDF, you can open it in the new (free) Adobe Reader 7.0 and