Bookmarking pdfs

Hi, this is a quick one. It took me a while to realise that the page thumbnails for pdfs are accessed via the inspector, and if I bookmark a page in another app, it appears as an item in the table of contents section. What I don’t see is a way to actually bookmark a page within DT. Is this really so? And if so, it would be a useful feature to add, either within the table of contents section itself, or on the editing bar.

Bookmarking is not currently available in DEVONthink, partially because there is no standard for it. However, the request is noted.

That makes sense on why bookmarks pop up in table of contents.
Thanks for the confirmation and noting the request.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @Jim and thank you for noting the request :grinning:

Is the reason really that there is no standard ?
I am pleased to see that DT has already integrated page linking and a reading list and of course DT already can remember the current page.
Is this very different to the next step of implementing a bookmark feature or would an individual solution would follow an other approach?
Do you know if we could expect a standard in near future ?

Is the reason really that there is no standard ?

Yes. There is no standard for bookmarking PDFs and inventing our own is counter to our philosophy about application lock-in. As much as possible we prefer things that are standardized so it’s broadly useful.

Do you know if we could expect a standard in near future ?

Sorry, but we don’t comment on development timeframes and we have no idea about the future as there isn’t a concerted move toward standardizing bookmarks in PDFs we are aware of.

PDFpen’s approach is to have a bookmark button on the bar, but it is actually a shortcut to creating a new nameless entry in the Table of Contents under the group My Bookmarks. Having DT do this, maybe even to its own DT Bookmarks group even without implementing a reverse delete option would save me time round-tripping just to place a hard bookmark on the page I’m up to.

I really like that DT allows me to change default highlight colours. I find in most PDF apps, the colours are just too bright and in your face, making the text less legible to read.

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+1 to some facility for bookmarking, even if it’s just a “add ToC entry” dialogue.

The reading list could be also used to bookmark PDFs (depending on the expected amount of bookmarks).