Bookmarklet for Selection as PDF

I am a great fan of the bookmarklets that are available especially the PDF (Paginated) and the selection ones, but what I would really like to be able to do is to combine these two and be able to save to DEVONthink Pro Office a selection as a PDF (Paginated)—is there a way of doing this? Cheers.

No, that’s not possible.

Shame—any chance in a future upgrade?

Just curious – but why use a bookmarklet when the DEVONthink Clipper does this better? It’s two clicks instead of one – we could all use a little extra finger exercise 8)

Lost me there Korm, (perhaps I am being particularly dense today) what I want to do is select text and possobly with images in DEVONagent and save that as a pdf to DEVONthink—can I do that abd if so how?

Make your selection in DEVONagent, and then select the Data menu>Add to DEVONthink via Clip to DEVONthink. You will get the same options as in the Safari extension to save the selection in DEVONthink, one of which is PDF (Paginated).

Aha, well there were lots of facts to read between the lines in the original post: this is actually a DEVONagent question, and it’s a DEVONagent question disguised in a DEVONthink section of the forum, and it’s about bookmarklets even though DA does not have bookmarklets, and DA incorporates the DEVONthink Clipper in the data menu. :open_mouth:

Tried that but the whole document goes to DEVONthink not just the clipping.

Chastened and embarrassed :blush:

Press shift-control-command-4 and then select the area of the screen that you want to capture. Switch to DEVONthink, navigate to the location you want to put the document, and press command-n to create a new document with the content of the screenshot. By default, OS X puts the screenshot on the clipboard as an image (.png when saved to DEVONthink). The saved clipping in DEVONthink can be converted to PDF. Or you can paste the clipping into a new Preview document and save it from there as PDF.

You can modify this behavior and cause a PDF to be saved instead – using these instructions. (Not the only site to get info to explain the details.)

I realize none of this is as speedy as a bookmarklet; just a way to accomplish the goal.

Thanks Korm for this…and your patience :slight_smile: